The imagination and the art of right thinking

“Right Thinking - it is an Art Form. To organize a healthy, equal flow of input and output of energy, from physical, emotional, mental and soul activity in our given day, takes creative genius!
Think of yourself as an Energy Artist!”

Our energy field can be visualized, moving like a tide, in and out, never still. Yet it needs to be managed. Physical needs must be met, but most often neglected is our mind health, stress level, AND our relationships. All of the above affects our life-force, and our pursuit of happiness.

You are electric, and magnetic, continually expressing and perceiving energy. Let's take a look at how you can begin to manage your energy daily by paying attention to a few simple things. Think of your ‘electric’ energy as your daily output of what you express to the world, and your ‘magnetic’ energy as the input - what you perceive, collect, take in and store away. This is a complex function of our life for sure, but I will simplify the idea here in order to stress the importance of how and why we need to pay attention to our energy level. Keeping a calm and healthy mind produces healthy thoughts and hence, a much happier life. There are obvious physical needs such as nutrition, hydration, sunshine, and sleep, all needing our attention. But there is something else that can cause us more stress than anything, draining our energy every single day, AND I'll say, is not readily dealt with, or well...

Relationships! Simply said, they either add to our life-force, or they take away. This needs to be addressed more than calorie counting, AND managed. Think of a few of your own relationships; colleagues at work, family, friends. Are these relationships balanced and supportive? Is the energy flowing equally, or more one way than the other? Are there those that drain you or are you draining others? We've all been at both ends.
There is a naturally occurring exchange of bio-energy between two living beings. Think Osmosis.

I like to use the visual of two sponges as an example. The wet sponge represents someone who takes care of themselves, happy and helpful to others. The dry sponge represents someone who does not take care of themselves, negative and critical of others. What happens when a dry sponge touches a wet sponge for any length of time? The dry absorbs moisture from the wet. Viola. This is why you might feel drained by 3pm at the office!

Now here's an example of an energy exchange that works. A mother is sharing a lesson with her child. The mother is being more electric, while her child who is listening (hopefully), is being more magnetic, is learning and inspired by the lesson. The mother fills up with joy in the act of sharing and watching the child's growth. When the two connect in this way, they do a bit of a soul-dance! The information is passed successfully. There is no conflict. There is only flow, and both are fed by the exchange, intellectually and energetically.

When we are in opposition to someone in our space and it is not immediately resolved, that 'unresolve' will cause us stress and discomfort, cost us energy, and if left too long, can eventuate health problems. In both of these examples, your energy is responding to a choice. One is a gain, one is a loss.

Right Thinking requires that we Self-Correct in the moment with all of our relations, back to a State of Balance.

You can move through your day changing from an input of energy to an output of energy by choice. And we are supposed to. Sometimes you may want or need to fill your cup, be reserved, restful, are very content to listen, learn or follow. Other times you may be highly active, be required to solve a problem, share, teach or lead. A conscious relationship takes this in to account and moves with what is required by the partnership.
Pay attention. Keep yourself in balance. Self-correct your energy whenever required. Do what is necessary. Take a break, have an honest conversation, listen, clear the air, or, walk away. That is hard to do but sometimes we are left with no choice. It takes mindful organization to make sure our input and output are balanced throughout our day, including within all of our relations. Herein lies the art form.

Behold, Energy Artist! Take care of Mind first. When we think straight, the rest falls into place and we have much more love to share and love to receive from others.

Madeleine Marentette 

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