Hi, I’m Madeleine Marentette

Wisdom and wellness
in perfect harmony

A visionary, a luminary, and a guiding light on the path to holistic wellbeing – Madeleine Marentette stands as a beacon of transformation and inspiration. As the founder and CEO of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, she has sculpted an unparalleled legacy in Canada's holistic wellness landscape.
Empowering Souls

The multifaceted journey
of Madeleine Marentette

With a harmonious blend of roles – bestselling author, designer, speaker, and spiritual guide – Madeleine Marentette has devoted her life to the pursuit of personal evolution and fulfillment. Her journey has been one of persistent dedication to nurturing the human-soul connection.

For over twenty-five years, Madeleine's profound exploration of the connection between humanity and nature has created positive change and her books, products and essential programs continue to resonate with the human spirit. Grail Springs Retreat Centre, the realization of Madeleine's visionary dream, stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication. Acknowledged as Canada's foremost holistic wellness haven, Grail Springs has garnered numerous accolades, including the coveted title of Canada's Best Wellness Retreat – a recognition that has been bestowed upon it five times.

Pioneering empowerment

Recognizing Madeleine Marentette's inspirational journey

Her impactful contributions have earned her two prestigious recognition awards from the Canadian Federal Government as well as being honored with the Women's Empowerment Trailblazer Award and two nominations by CIBC for the National Women Entrepreneur. In a world in search for soulful connections, personal transformation, and holistic wellbeing, Madeleine Marentette stands as a living testament to the possibilities that unfold when one person embarks on a journey of purpose, passion, and unwavering commitment to positive change.