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The pursuit of ourselves

If you have landed here then perhaps you have been seeking answers to life's most fundamental questions.... Where and how do I find true happiness? Who am I and why am I really here?

Dear ageless spirit,

At some point in our life we will ask ourselves these and other fundamental questions; why do we think what we think, feel what we feel, and see life the way we do. And when we do sincerely wish to find the answers, we will often be led to the threshold of a new door - begging us to open it and explore what's inside.

Common stories of this happening to us; we walk into a book store and a cover title jumps out at us, or an invite to a conference pops up in our facebook feed, coincidences that promises to give answers to the very thing we desire to know in our heart of hearts. These are no coincidences.

This is us, making a clear connection between our desire to know something with deep sincerity, and the environment then responding, and lending us the opportunities to search further for the answers we seek. The key here - one has to ask, and then keep the eyes open for the incoming signs.

To ASPIRE means to SEEK, to aim for something of value with great eagerness.

I can think of no other more valuable pursuit than to aspire to know ourselves before anything else. I am eager to share with you what I have come to learn and know about the life of the soul vs the human condition and how you can bring some of my personal tried and true practices into your own. I believe to seek is to find, and so far, the universe keeps on delivering.

Bounty awaits! Seek often.
Madeleine Marentette 

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