Courage my love

Standing strong in the face of our fear is part of the human-soul experience. Whether it ends in triumph, or as an epic fail, matters not. There is triumph in the eyes of the soul - an experience moving us further along the path of unfoldment, towards our life purpose. We always win by being courageous.

'Be Fearless'. You’ve more than likely come across the t-shirt somewhere in your travels. It sounds like a good piece of advice or encouragement, but anyone who seriously ponders on these words will know - that anything that was worth achieving in life came with some discomfort, rattled our nerves, or led us to even seemingly lose our minds temporarily...

Pain pushes us. Our visions pull us. Maybe we fought, or maybe we fled, but we’ve likely all experienced all of the above at some point in our lives. “Be Courage” - I say. That’s more like reality. I’ve repeated these words a thousand times, like a mantra. It is a mantra. Courage is a soul quality that your mind and your heart have to dig deep for, and conjure up to the surface. If you know what it takes, then you know this truth. Our common experiences of: leaving our parents, committing to a life-partner, buying our first home, having a child, saying yes to a new job or starting a business, traveling to a foreign country or even just eating in a restaurant alone for the first time - can be both exhilarating and unnerving.

No one can ease the collision of opposites. We have to dive into the depths of the shadows within to find the light within. We must push through that inner conflict, regardless of the ‘zing’ that is registering in our brain from every nerve in our body. It’s the cost of self-discovery. The first difficult decision we make in our youth is usually decided in a single split-second, yet it may define how we experience our entire life’s journey; “Yes or no? Yes or no? Quick, what will it be? Will you take the dare?” If we say “yes”, we are given the wheel. If we say “no”, we end up a passenger on someone else’s crazy carpet ride.
These are two different ways to experience our life and the world. As a colleague suggested...

"...a life, which becomes edited by others, does not come to know their true potential."

Our life is The Great Adventure. The experiences that truly count are the ones that dare you to say “yes” - for the sake of your evolution. You know which ones they are. You've faced them before.

The words that my son Michael spoke to me at six years old stopped me in my tracks in the kitchen one day, and I still remember that moment to this day. He blurted out, “I know what it means to be brave. When you feel afraid but have the courage to do it anyways.” My son was articulating what it took for him to push through being scared of something. He was teaching me. I had heard my inner voice many-a-time daring me: “Yes or no? Yes or no? Quick, what will it be? Will you take the dare?” and I always said, “yes”. Mostly because of pride and curiosity, but with my courage and my fear - all colliding together. It's an awakening experience.
“I believe, my experiences, my wisdom gained, are equal to my conjured courage in life.”

With a little more wisdom under my belt now, I still say “yes” to most challenges, but with this in mind… Be smart. Have a plan. Stay conscious. Put love in your heart. Have purpose - that’s a big one. Say a prayer - it never hurts. Trust that the universe has got your back. Stay real whether you triumph or fail. Look for the pearl of wisdom that has been left behind for you - its priceless, and it is why you should say “yes” when you know darn well you should.

Buy in. Make the trade. Love your life - honour it by committing to your full potential. Hop on the magic carpet that will carry you on your path, put a smile on your face, trust, keep eyes wide open, and look for the divine signs revealing itself to you along the way. Follow them. Be Courage. It will steady your mind and heart as you surf towards all of the unpredictable unknowns.

Courageous Love,
Madeleine Marentette 

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